The 100 Day Project - I need a start date!

I have seen a fair number of artists post images on Instagram about The 100 Day Project and I have always wanted to try it, but in all honesty, have been too scared of failing to commit to 100 consecutive days. I already lead a busy life and find it hard enough to paint even one night a week, so the idea of painting every single day for 100 straight days seems next to impossible. 

I have been doing some soul searching this past year and in my search I am learning that the energy you choose to focus on and put out there, is the energy you will ultimately attract. So why focus on thinking that I can't do this? Because I can. I totally can. So I am going to do this and I have already started prepping my canvas for this project, I just haven't picked a start date ...

Because I don't have the money to buy wood panels, which is what I was originally hoping to do this on, I am using up what I have in my possession. I've already spent a lot on raw canvas as I like to stretch and prime my own, so that is what I shall use. I have a few rolls of canvas and am pretty sure I can get 100 16x16" squares. I plan on only painting 10x10" squares, but I also want to stretch these if they are purchased so I need to allow extra stretching material.

I have my canvas. I have my paint. I have my other mixed supplies ... all I need is a start date.

I do plan on starting this soon as I am itching to paint plus I'm itching for money and I am hoping that I can sell a few of these along the way. Maybe May 1. That sounds like a good starting day.